Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My blog is open once again! :)

I closed it for awhile because I felt my privacy was intruded at one point. Pictures were on Instagram, it might have even been on blogs for all I know. But thankfully that's settled and the person who was supposedly behind everything stopped it. I'll never know who's behind it for sure, but I just pray that these people will find a better purpose in life - and yes, that doesn't include "stealing" pictures of girls and uploading it on several sites online.

I started off 2014 in Singapore. Celebrating it away from the hustle & bustle of KL for the first time. It's quite nice being away during a festive celebration. I don't think I've really gone away from home for any occasion (unless I was too young to remember).

Spent it with one of my fav person in the world, Jo and some relatives who were all there on vacation. :)

I got to see the Christmas deco everywhere (been wanting to see Orchard Road during the Christmas season), visited Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, spent time with lovely people and spent New Years Eve at Marina Bay Sand.

Visited Singapore Zoo for the first time!
Spent New Year eve watching these two cuties playing foosball.
The crowd in Marina Bay Sands
But seeing this was definitely worth it! :)

In addition to that, I also got to attend a lovely wedding over the weekend. There's just something special about church weddings, something magical. It's beautiful to see a man & woman united in Christ, ready to spend the rest of their live together. 

Since i'm also a hopeless romantic, I've started planning and taking notes for my future wedding too. It's a long way more, but it doesn't hurt to dream. ;)

St Anne's church, Bukit Mertajam

Congratulations Greg & Adeline! :)

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