Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alluring Eyes ;)

Bigger & Brighter colored  eyes. 
Plus, it's comfortable, gives you a clear vision and it can be worn up to 8 hours. 

Which brand of contact lens can provide you with such a deal? 

FreshKon of course. :)

Ever since i started wearing contact lens, i've always wanted to try colored lenses. But my mum never gave me the 'green light'. She was afraid that i might end up looking like weird creature or even worse, attract unnecessary attention. But i like to look at those with mesmerizing eyes. *melts*

With this, you can achieve the same effect.

  I can't stop staring at my eyes. =/

My first time trying on colored contact lenses. I'm a very happy girl indeed! I thought that since it was my first day wearing it, it would get comfortable once it reached night time. But it's surprisingly comfortable and i didn't have to keep putting eye drops to keep my eyes refreshed. Awesome! :)

Still not convinced? Check out this ad. ;)

On top of that, Freshkon is searching for their very own 'Alluring Eyes' model. Follow these simple steps and you could be on your way to stardom! I've posted mine, just search for me. Stephanie Aeria ;)

Head HERE before it's too late!

Alluring eyes FTW! 
*continues staring at my brown eyes*

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