Saturday, November 12, 2011

His glory. :')

Just when things couldn't have gotten any worse, God works wonders. It might have been pure turmoil, constant heartache from always doing the right thing for the right reason but pushed down, all these external forces telling us that we are wrong, and just one heck of an obstacle.

But faith is all we need. ♥

"We are challenged to give away what is given to us" 

When we read today's gospel reading on the Parable of the Talents. It all makes perfect sense to why we're doing all these. For no one else, but him.


I am so blessed. ♥

Starbucks has really pretty tumblers. ;)

The picture is just an example because i can't find the actual picture of my new favorite Starbucks tumbler. For some reason, the bunch of us from college were going mad over Starbuck's tumblers and their new debit/loyalty card. I joined them in the hype too, going gaa-gaa over the Christmas edition. 

I just fell in love with the Starbucks Polar Bear Tumbler. I know it's a little childish. But it's super nice to look at: glitter all around, snowflakes and a tiny polar bear at the bottom. :') 

I was even googling pictures of it, posted one up on FB and i kept telling my friends that i wanted it. My intentions were simple, i just liked it so i wanted to share with the world. I know  people won't actually buy it for me, it's just something we say we want from time to time. 

Like i told a friend, "It's a want, not a need. I'll be fine."

the next thing i knew, i received a message on FB. Stating that Santa said i've been good this year, and i've gotten the Starbucks Tumbler as a present. :')) 

Thank you AuntyD. ♥ I'm truly blessed to have people like you in my life! And that turned my whole day around. Praise the Lord!


AuntyD said...

OMGosh! Little did I know that little things matter. HE has used me to touch you. God bless... Have a "drink" on me.. :)

steph said...

Thank youuuu! :) I definitely will.

So shhhyyy. I didn't know you will read this. *embarassed* hahaha.