Monday, January 03, 2011

Roadtrip! :D

I present to you, pictures from Malacca. Thanks to Kevin & Jo-Ann.

It's finally time i updated my blog about it. :D

15 of us decided it was finally time to go for a trip together. It's always been about suggesting places, getting the people and trying to set dates. But nothing really works out. This time, it had to. Langkawi? Cancelled. Malacca? Set. ;)

We all gathered at my place early Sunday morning and off we went! :) All those sleeping in the backseats slept all the way. I was nodding off but i stayed awake. :D

Our first stop. The famous Chicken rice shop on Jonker Street.

Fyi, i don't know places. Which means i also don't know the names. I don't travel much and my memory seems to have very little capacity. So, bear with me.

yums. :)

Since the shop was so popular, we had to line up along the street waiting for out turn.

Next, we just walked along Jonker Street. It's no surprise that us girls stopped in most of the stalls along the way. Couldn't resist. ;) Plus, it waaaaay cheaper there compared to buying any sort of accessories back here.

Then, pork satay! Mmmhmmm.

Durian cendol all gobbled up. Not a big fan though.

After all that, we finally went to our apartment. So coincidently, my mum and her friends went to stay at the exact same place 2 days before our trip.

The guys went swimming, girls talked/slept. I slept for a good whole hour in one of the rooms. It felt so good! Then, the tap tap mania began.

heeeh. :D

lazy people. :D

Then it was off to the Portuguese Settlement for dinner.

The walk there was lovely, it felt so Christmasy! Every single house there were nicely lit and decorated to commemorate the birth of Christ. I would love to spend every single Christmas in this neighborhood.

See :D

Then dinner. :)

The food was delicious. The bill was pretty nice too. ;)
But the worst part about the area was that the smoke was literally burning my eyes and at times it made my chest feel all constricted.

Photo session at the pier. Or whatever you call that place. :D

"1,2,3, faster lah.., 12. CLICK" Hahaha. We could barely stay still for that 'few' seconds.

Then Jonker Street again. So crowded.

Once again, we could not resist an opportunity to snap more pictures of ourselves. While waiting for Kevin to set his camera, we were busy waving and saying HI to passengers of the water cruise. ;)

Then, satay celup!

After stuffing ourselves, we headed back to the apartment and went wild. Heh. Wild is a pretty mild word to use. But we had fun nevertheless. It came to a point where i just laughed at everything while the others were falling off to sleep. You people just crack me up. :D

The next day, we managed to get everyone up by 11. :D Then? Food again of course.


Life's good. :D

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