Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Singapore. The land i never want to leave :)

It's finally time i started blogging about Singapore. ;)

It was a nice break after our last paper on Monday. I remember only having a few hours of sleep before Singapore because 'some' people wanted to watch teevee and munch on chips. ;P Watching Masterchef at 1am isn't any good to maintain the weight.

*grumbles* GYM EVERYDAY! I'm feeling horrible for not going to workout for at least a week already.

Back to Singapore. :)

We started our day off early. Checked in AirAsia, got our tickets and just waited.

One minute we were on the plane, next minute we landed in Singapore. One thing that i hated the most about the whole journey there was the air turbulence. I hate feeling as though my heart is about to jump out. It's not a good feeling. Not good indeed.

Received our Easylink Cards and off we went! :)

One thing i absoluetely loved about the public transport there was how fast and efficient everything was. MRT's came every 4 minutes. Which is heaven compared to our KTM. You can't blame us for comparing every single thing over there. Even the escalators were moving super fast. If we were unsure of our footing, we'll be falling flat in a matter of seconds.

Our hotel. Tadaaaaa :)
Located in the (Heart?) of Geylang. It was interesting at night. That's all i can say. ;)

I swear i took several pictures of the hotel room with my camera. But looking back through it now, i can't find a single one. I think everything went missing when my memory card went PMS-ing.

It's a decent room: Wide LCD TV, comfortable beds, closet and air-conditioning. Only problem was the aircond's mood swings. One minute it would be so cold, next minute we'll be suffering because it's so stuffy. Madness i tell you. I slept under the covers so comfortably on the first night, second night i couldn't sleep in peace.

We spent the evening in Bugis and then Orchard. Just walking around, looking at things until our feet was hurting so badly.

Pictures of ze foods. :)

Interesting sights along the Orchard road.

Desserts after a long day. :)

Picture above depicts Valen in action. He was using MY Ipanema sandals to crush a baby cockroach in our room. It was a nightmare i tell you. I hate creepy crawlies. I can't stand looking at them, can't stand even being in the same room as one. Knowing that a mini one was going to be crawling at night left me so unsettled. We girls got Valen to KILL it.

It died in peace. Pfft.

Next days, time for some serious walking. :D

Forgot what it's called. Some duck dish. ;P My breakfast.

We also tried the everfamous MOS burger's. Even before the trip, i kept hearing about how awesome the MOS burger's were. So we had to try it. Nothing...spectacular. Maybe it's because i chose a spicy one. :)

Our next destination was Sentosa Island. So we decided to be a little brave. Instead of taking the Monorail there, we hopped on a bus. The driver told us he'll definitely take us there.

We ended up right inside Resort World Singapore. Not exactly the destination we've planned on, but it was good enough. :)

Nothing really got me excited until..


A BUCKETFUL OF CANDY! *jumps for joy*

This store is amazing if you love candies. It's one of those candy shop where you just don't want to leave. They have assorted candies, chocolates and merchandise. We wanted to get M&M's shirts but the cuter design belonged to the kids. I wanted to take pictures inside, but there was a sign telling us that we can't. Everyone else took anyways. =____="

Sentos. ;P

We took the Monorail which was free around Sentosa Island. Got on a tram that was going in circles and just sat in it for the fun of it. Haha.


We were torn between going for the 4D experience or the "Song of the Sea". But we settled for the latter in the end. Plus, it was slightly cheaper. Only $1o. :)

The place was PACKED. They filled every single space up. We got a good view from where were sitting nonetheless. I was quite excited because i remember watching a light show waaaay back in 2006. I was left in awe. So after trying to search for the exact same thing online, i found the "Song of the Sea" instead.

Cool eh? ;)

When the teenager first came prancing out, started waving and mimicking, i thought we were seriously at the wrong show. I might have googled the wrong thing up and brought everyone to the wrong show. But i was quite amused with their acting so i just continued watching.

And then. I was in awe once again. :) It was similar to what i've watch previously. The lights, water and fire made everything super exciting. :D It was definitely worth it.

We finally worked up and appetite and went to a cosy family restaurant in Vivo City to eat. It was considered a Farewell dinner for both Tuan Tynn and Ben. :)

Mmhmm. I love Sharkfin soup.

Dishes after dishes.

We ate to our hearts content. That's for sure. :) We wanted to do a little sight-seeing around Clark Quay but we were just too tired. The soles of our feet were killing us. I think all of us would have gladly paid any amount just to have a decent foot massage to soothe our legs. Anything would do.

Came back to our rooms and we just flopped on the beds. Watched Sister Act, iCarly till late. :)

The tattoo we girls agreed on doing together. :)

Last day, we decided to go to Fullerton Square.

Marina Sands Bay from afar. Oh, how i wish we could actually stay there!

We visited the Merlion Hotel. Which was an art project. We've been searching for the huge Merlion to snap some group pictures with. And then we found it..covered in a box. Which was the Merlion Hotel.

I can't really imagine sleeping with that over my head. =/

We settled for the tiny Merlion instead. :D

Group picture FTW! I swear. We were such tourists. =___="

I don't have much pictures after that already because i depended on Valen's DSLR to take amazing shots :D

We had a great time there. And once again, time passed by in a flash. Singapore is definitely a place i would want to visit again. :)


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Awhh. Sentosa is amazing! Hahaa. Songs of the Sea was... pretty average I guess. Oscar, Oscar! They had some really weird music though. :P