Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue eyes got me hooked. ;)

Lee Dewyze in concert. :)

Okay i admit. I'm am not big fan of concerts. Mainly because i think squeezing in big crowds is very 'yucky'. I don't lie being too close to others i don't know.

We went there early, hoping we could enter some area reserved specially for him. But the priority area was pretty small. Even if we stood on the outside, we could still see him just fine.

Pigged out in Manhattan before the event.
The meal was for 4 pax. But the 5 of us were truly stuffed from it.


Excited people waiting at the side. :D

Host for the day. Serena C.

the crowd that day. it was packed. surprisingly.

that smirk. ;)

The truth is, i was never a big fan of him. I kinda lost interest in last year's season of American Idol. It got dull after awhile. I watched the finals only. I was rooting for Crystal. But Lee is pretty good too.

Despite just being his showcase, he was really good. He kept the crowd truly entertained and he CAN sing. :D

those eyes. *melts*

Kath got his CD autographed. :)
So we all kinda took advantage. ;)

And then,
I realised how easy i succumbed to peer pressure. Haha. We went to empire, just to shop for Noreen's slippers. But we ended up going on the LEXslide. It was cheaper if we went in a group. And since Noreen didn't want to go, it had to be me.

Quite high actually.

I look like i'm being abducted. Dom was right. Heh.


It was fun indeed. :)

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