Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spreading some Doraemon love!

I grew up with Doraemon. 

When we were much younger, my brother and I used to spend money at local bookstores buying Doraemon and Detective Conan comic books. We would wait patiently for the weekend to come so that we could purchase our RM4 comic books and read it immediately. I loved those comic books. I'm also pretty sure it has helped me tremendously in my BM. ;)

I laughed at the silly things the gang used to do. I use to get angry when Giant and Suneo use to bully Nobita. I was a hopeless romantic and always wished for Nobita and Shizuka to end up together (although I knew what the future holds). I used to marvel at the creations that came out from Doraemon's pocket, wishing I could use it too. I used to feel for Nobita's mum when she nagged him about something and he would find various ways to shut her off. I was truly devastated when Doraemon's ears malfunction at the end. 

I never realised what a big role Doraemon played in my life until I typed it all out.

With all that being said, how could I resist visiting 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo? :)

The entrance.

Doraemon smiling at you from his time machine!

The reason Doraemon is blue, not yellow!
The hall was filled with life-sized Doraemons with different gadgets he used throughout his lifetime! It's like a sea of blue and white packed with tons of people. It took us awhile since we had to wait in line if we wanted a decent picture with anything around.

Here's some of the gadgets I fondly remember and I really wish these gadgets exist today!

When attached to any part of the body, it allows you to fly up into the air.
But continuous use for more than 8 hours will exhaust its batteries. 
Give candy and at the same time tell them what you want to publicize.
The person who has eaten the candy will keep publicizing for you. 
If you inhale this gas, an ordinary incident will turn extraordinary.
The mood of the environment changes according to what the band is playing.
If a person eats anything that's copied to the back of the bread, he/she will be able to memorize it exactly and recite it.
The light ray from this gadget will paralyze any living thing.
No one can reach the destination if this road sign is set.

Wear this shoes and stand on any storybook to walk through a fairytale and even change the storyline.
It's used to test whether a marriage is happy or not before a couple decides to tie the knot.
When you wear the glasses, you can see 100 years into the future. 
The one who would willingly come along with me for anything! <3 td="">
Doraemon galore!
A dream come true - Shizuka marrying Nobita!
It was not purely an exhibition, there was loads of opportunities for us to snap pictures too! I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

The one thing i've always wanted as a child - memory bread!
Game stalls!
After everything, we decided to buy some Doraemon takoyaki!
Custard-filled takoyaki snack :)

To all Doraemon lovers, this is something not to be missed! I'm glad I managed to visit the exhibition before it closes next week. :D

Visit them!
Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall, No. 85 Jalan Loke Yew, 55200, KL
Or find out more here.

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