Thursday, October 10, 2013

We need more happiness in the world today

Every morning, I experience some form of anger or frustration on the road. I see cars swerving in and out of lanes and honking at others when they don’t give way.

Today, as I was nearing my workplace, I heard several loud honks on a continuous basis. I saw a red car swerving in and out of lanes, trying to go faster even though it was obviously impossible because the cars were moving slowly. He (I think I saw correctly) went on to scrolling down his window and showing hand gestures at the cars surrounding him. He kept doing that until he got his way and moved further in front.

After he left, I realised how bitter this guy was. Yes, we all go through some form of anger every time we’re stuck in a jam, especially if they refuse to give way even though you’re signal has been switched on for ages. But is that a reason to remain completely bitter at the world?

On another occasion, during the cafeteria sales on Sunday, I met another guy who was oozing bitterness. Instead of lining up where the others was, he was waiting on the other side and got someone else to call me. When I turned to him, he was ready to snatch a burger off the table. He grunted, “How much?” I tried explaining to him that it depends on what he wanted, chicken or beef, and if he wanted it plain or including eggs or cheese. He looked at me as though I was the stupidest person on the earth, scowled, completely ignored what I just said and asked again, “How much lah?”

After telling him the price, I accidentally returned the wrong change to him because I mistook the RM20 note for RM10. Forgive me. Everything was in a rush that day and I had to return his cash quickly so that I can return to other costumers. 

He gave me an ivy cold stare and rolled his eyes. At that moment, I was just scared he might throw the burger in my face due to my mistake. Thank God that didn’t happen. Haha! I passed him back his change, apologizing and saying “Thank You”. He scoffed, rolled his eyes and left.

At first I was wondering why it kept bugging me. I’ve encountered people like that; people worse than him and it didn’t bug me that much.

Today it kinda hit me. I was angry that the world has turned these people into such bitter people – the kind that you just wish picked up a lesson or two in the mannerism department. If I were stuck somewhere alone with these people, I would have given them a piece of my mind. I might have screamed or I’ll probably be so hurt that I’ll stand there crying.

But that’s not what the world needs. The world needs more smiles from strangers, a helping hand and most importantly, positive attitude. We need to pray for those struggling with turmoil and pray that the world becomes a better place.

I wish that I would wake up to happy news on a daily basis, instead of hearing about the latest crime or the couple that didn’t last in Hollywood.

I just wish for a little bit more happiness in this world. J

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