Saturday, August 18, 2012

Singapore in two days :)

I miss Singapore!

Sorry for the super delayed post! ;P 

It was a spontaneous trip. Considering the fact that we got everything settled in less than a week? I've been dying to go there ever since the Harry Potter Exhibition started back in June. It's the closest i'm going to get to actually experiencing anything Harry Potter related, unless I get magically transported to US or UK. Heh. 

So, i managed to influence YY and Sher into it. Although time wasn't on our side, we managed to plan everything into just two days. One day fully spent in Universal Studios and the second day for the exhibition and shopping. :) 

We took the Nice Bus there. Super comfy chairs and we had food plus drinks. :) 

Our first stop: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (well after finding time to squeeze an hour of sleep & freshening up before heading to USS)


Hollywood walk!

popcorn for sale!

I felt like a little kid visiting an amusement park for the first time. I was amazed by the sights, intrigued about all the rides & i wanted to take a picture with every single character there! I think this themepark transcends all ages.

Our first stop.
But due to the massive amount of people, we left this place for the later part of the day.

 If you ever visit USS, visit Transformers The Ride. I know this video does not explain much, but it's the shortest one i could fine that explained the ride. 


We didn't miss the chance to snap a picture with Optimus Prime!

And Bumblebee! ♥

The scariest ride there?

Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon rollercoaster. I still don't know how i managed to muster up enough courage to actually sit on a roller coaster. Ever since i was kid, i hated rollercoasters. Simple because i'm terrified of it. I'm not scared of heights, but when i'm up 10, 000 feet in the air and getting ready to plunge downwards, my heart feels as though it's about to fall out of my chest. 

Thankfully, i managed to survive... with my eyes closed the entire time. ;)

Next, Far Far Away.

Pretty lame show. But it was quite entertaining. :)
Closest i'm gonna get to Shrek's Castle.
We went to Hard Rock Cafe in RWS for lunch in the midst of everything. 
Cheeseburger. :)
Mmmhmm. Yums :P
Ancient Egypt. :D

Mummy Returns, another one of the rides you must go for. :)

ABS ♥ ♥ 

And we also couldn't resist the chance of taking pictures with the mascots/characters all around. *more can be found on FB. ;)

And last but not least, the Hollywood Parade! Which also signifies the end of the whole USS experience.

And...some handsome fellas serenaded us before we left the theme park. :D

Although i haven't traveled the world to compare theme parks, USS is worth EVERY PENNY SPENT. I can assure you. :)

After a tiring day, we had some Wan Tan Mee, Prawn Mee, Pork Mee & fried oyster.
On our final day there, it was THE day. Once again, i turned into a little kid. Harry Potter is an inevitable part of my life. And it's almost like a dream come true to actually visit the exhibition. Or else to be close to any of the memorabilia.   
Marina Bay Sands Art & Science Museum's entrance! 

This was the only item i purchased because everything else was too expensive. :'(
Once again, this is worth every penny spent. Especially for die-hard Harry Potter fans. Although the exhibition felt a little bit too short (i wish i could have seen more magical moments, more replicas), it was still an experience not be missed!

It may have been a super short trip, but it was exactly what i needed! A fun-packed two days with the lovelies! ♥

Before i end this post, here's a picture of the old uncle selling yummy wafer ice cream. YUMS :D

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