Saturday, June 02, 2012

London The Summer Musical

I managed to attend the Gala Premiere of...

The advertisement for it. :)

I've been for other the other two musicals by them before; Magical Musicals & Aladdin the Musical.  Blessed to be able to get tickets again this time round! Took Hyma with me :)

 The tickets were designed in such a way that it looks like airplane tickets! Which i forgot to take a picture of. *inserts grumpy face* It was quite cool! Since it was connected to the plot of London the Summer Musical ;)

Getting all excited taking the escalator to the surf beach entrance

Enjoying the view!

Even closer!

After being escorted to the buggy with umbrella's (cos it was slightly drizzling), we soon arrived at the amphitheater. Since it was my first time attending a gala premiere, it was also my first time walking on the red carpet! For at least 10 seconds, i felt like a celebrity. We were walking on the red carpet, usherers were happily welcoming us inside the hall, a camera flash goes off a few times & the main emcees were standing right in front of us! 

Unfortunately, we were remembered as the 'girls who went the wrong way' when heading inside the hall. It was more amusing than embarrassing. Hahaha!

Finally got to our seats. ;)

The stage set up. I LOVE THE LIGHTS!

Emcees of the night!
Steve, JD & Dilly from (one of the sponsors)

The story follows 3 air stewardess, who gave up their big dreams of singing to pursue a different career path: that is to fly all around the world. Then, they find themselves in London, a fated encounter with three lads & a chance to rediscover their love for singing!

Kudos to the cast and crew for the energetic performance. More towards the cast actually. :)

I kept noticing the mistakes the dancers were making so it kinda made it hard to fully enjoy all the performances. It wasn't clean and most of the mistakes were very obvious =/ Which was why, some songs performed by the cast alone was just amazing! Whoot whoot!

Sorry for the blur pictures! Camera ain't that canggih. BOOO. :'(
But it was a great night. No harm for the rest of you all to catch the performance too! ;)

More info can be found on AirAsiaRedTix or just by visiting Sunway Lagoon! :)

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