Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hiking up Broga Hill!

I love my friends. 
Friends who make plans to climb Broga Hill at 4am in the morning. :)

To be honest, i never really knew how it was climbing Broga Hill. I've just heard about people going there. I mean people have survived i assume that it isn't so bad! Plus, it was an adventure we all needed. Something different from the usual outings. :)

Apologies in advance for the pix-elated & blurry pictures! 

View @ about 5am

The most exciting part about the whole adventure would be hiking up in the dark. I think the sense of mystery & excitement would be lost if we were climbing up the hill during the daytime. It was quite amusing yet nerve-wrecking because my only source of light was a tiny L.E.D torchlight. Imagine if i shined my light on something....well, not from this world. =/ 

I thought i was prepared for it. I had torchlight, a huge water bottle, comfy clothes, sport shoes & i even ran 4km before that to prepare my body for it physically. 
Boy, was i wrong! 

I was out of breath countless of times. I kept slipping on the muddy patches & i nearly fell several times. If it wasn't for Roeshan, i would have fallen off the cliff. Hahahaha. 

Fellow adventurer.

Shoes that failed me!

view from the 4th peak.

I like how my hair looks super RED in this pic. But it's blurry :(

After hiking for what seems like forever, we finally reached the top! I gave up many times. If it wasn't for someone pushing me to go further, i'll probably be stuck at the bottom. With the rest of the people who gave up too early. Motivation in any form is good motivation :)

The proof that we reached the peak.

Pictures from the top. :)

The 'accomplished' look! 

Next round, more hills!

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