Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

It's kinda hard to adjust being back home. Two weeks of being away from home but yet it felt as though it passed by in a blur. One minute i'm busy packing my luggage, the next thing i know i'm home unpacking it. Kinda depressing to think about how good times always end in a blink of an eye. Whereas sitting for exams feels like forever!

struggle to pack light for Kuching!

Our home in  Kuching for 6 days :)

I miss kuching terribly now! God works wonders indeed. 

It was an eye-opener in some ways. To stop all the doubts, to let go of the fears & to continuously stand firm in my faith no matter what. :) My call, is to be his hands and his feet. In whatever way possible. Who knew that 'empowering women' could spark something deep down inside?

And those extra days spent, was truly memorable. 

"Friends for life" Haha. Who knew that sudden change in plans could have let to that? Quality time spent with my brothers & sisters in Christ was all i could ask for. We ate like pigs (YES, eating every few hours because they wanted us to try all the food in Kuching before going hom), helped out with logistics, played a small part in 'robbing' a house for a surprise birthday party & taking gazillion pictures! Although many of you all might not read this, thank you for your hospitality! :)

After coming home for 2 days, it was off to PD for the cathecist retreat. 

I was reluctant in the beginning, since it was quite rush. But i think it was all part of God's plan. :)

Pool :D

The beach!
We spent time relaxing at the beach. Even went on the banana boat for the first time ever! It was a crappy feeling when all the saltwater entered the nose, eyes and ears. But at least now i can say i've tried it before! 

The sessions were good as usual. 5 years of teaching & this was definitely needed. :) 

So much to improve on..spiritually and mentally. Good dog vs bad dog. The fight goes on. But with HIS grace and strength, we'll win the battle. Plus, i'm thankful to have such amazing friends with me. Even when things doesn't seem to go right, i know who to count on  Still managed to survive a sleepless night, 4 of us squashed on two double beds. Although we had a lot of things going through our head, it felt secure. 

Two weeks of spiritual highs, now it's back to reality. I pray that the fire continues to burn. Continues to burn for him  :)

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