Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checkered Nails!

I'm always inspired to work on my nails at odd hours. 

Instead of searching & googling for new ideas (last one being the strawberry nails), i've decided to use to the  nail patches i bought long before my semester ended. Thanks to Shin-ing Chics

Checkered Nails!

The actual nail patches i used.

To sum it all up, it only took TWO steps to created the desired effect. 

1. Apply base coat of choice


I took forever trying to trim the excess parts off & trying to make sure that it fits nicely on my nails. Sure, it looks nice from afar. But if someone decides to bring my nails just before their eyes, they will see plenty of creases and uneven shapes.

But i'm pretty proud of it. My first try! :)

Was even happier when i managed to complete it on my right hand too. As a right-handed, it's terribly difficult to even paint on my  right hand, what more stick nail patches on while trying to make sure it's in perfect shape. I did try asking my brother to help me for a bit, but he ended up trimming the nail patches till my nails was visible. 

Did everything else by myself. :)))

Sloppy right side.

More designs in the future! :)


Yuine said...

haha i find it so cute that your brother helped you with your nails :D

Steph said...

He didn't say No, so i took it as a yes! :D