Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shiseido Makeovers!

Who doesn't loves free makeovers? 

I'm quite thankful to have the chance to experience such things once in awhile. After barely getting any sleep the night before my final paper, i looked like an ultimate poster girl for a zombified student. ;) So after writing for almost 4 hours & 15 minutes, i was already worn out. 

Managed to grab some lunch at Ikea after that. IKEA MEATBALLS IZ ♥ I just can never get tired of it. Paired with their chicken wings, it made everything seem much better. Although i felt guilty after indulging in it, it was worth it. 

I digress, anyways Shannon and I then dragged ourselves to Shiseido's office near Ikea. Thanks to Valen who kindly drove us around. :) 


After. :P

Hehs. I'm always not used to the aftermath. We were basically their guinea pigs. They needed some practice for a competition they are going to attend in Japan. Something like that. Since we came for free, they gave us  goodie bags to compensate for that. 

I love the colours on this. :)

Lippy gloss

Facial products
Just a short update on the first thing i've done since completing my finals.


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