Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cravings. Go. Away.

Started off my day with Power Jump class, followed by this...

Tung Pow Meat Rice (I believe that's the name) from Esquire.
For some strange reason i've been having random cravings for all kinds of pork lately. I know excessive consumption is definitely going to be bad for health but why do i keep getting these random cravings? =__="

Plus, after having Jo Jo Pan Mee for dinner yesterday i've been wanting to eat it again & again. I feel like i'm drugged. They must have had some secret ingredient in the sauce to keep me coming back for more. Well, it's time to stop focusing on food (which neither one of the cravings have been satisfied) and focus on every other thing. 

Besides my uncontrollable cravings for pork & pan mee, i've just been enjoying my free time.

Even taking a pic with the Penguin from Madagascar before our movie. ;)
Managed to catch Dark Shadows today with the girls. Unfortunately, i was thoroughly disappointed with the show. I had such high expectations for the show just by watching the trailer. And the very fact that Tim Burton directed it. I loved the characters no doubt. But it felt as though the show had too many gaps in the storyline, not really explaining the back story but quickly jumping from scene to scene. Too many unconnected dots.

But it was a good day out. Next stop, sleepover in Klang! ♥

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