Friday, March 23, 2012

We can burn brighter than the suuuun


Trying to blog about how my day went makes me slightly depressed. Haha!

It's a mindless routine. Waking up, classes, come back, sleep, dinner, assignments till late. Then repeat! Plus, we're faced with constant changes in assignments and exams that we're all so confused at the end of the day.

Everyday i come home wishing i had time to layan my PS2. Or even my series.


But through all this i have a newfound love for Community & The Last Man Standing. These two shows are freaking hilarious! Half the things that goes on in the show doesn't make sense but i'm glued to the screen. The comments are so sarcastic yet witty at the same time. If only conversations like that happened in real life! I'd like to meet people like that in real life. ;)


I'll stop before this post stops making sense. I'll blog again, once i have something to blog about. Cheerios!

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loveletters and snippets said...

That cake is adorable!!!!!! :-)