Saturday, March 24, 2012

For the ones who has so little.

Today was quite eye-opening.

I realized how grateful i am. Grateful that i grew up with a roof above my head, food laid out on the table everyday, a house to take shelter and most importantly, to chance to go to school.

I've always complained about how i never got enough, never really sitting down to think about those out there who doesn't have such luck. Those who still find enjoyment in running out in the fields while we sit here wishing we had better gadgets to play with. Those who looks out for everyone in the community while we ignore those in our families at times. Those who find pleasure in the simplest things while we sit here complaining about every single thing that comes out way.

Today i went for a "Feed the Poor" event. We visited those living in the flats. Prolly a big family cramped in a small flat. These kids go to school & all but have trouble speaking simple English or BM. Some even struggle with basic words and calculations.

I was in-charge of teaching maths to those in Standard 6. I had about 10 kids so i divided them in two groups to make it easier and more personal for them. Some kids could do it on their own, without my help. So i let them be, only checking to see if their answers were correct. But i struggled with one kid.

He said he didn't learn about division or multiplication in school. I'm sure he did but he could not grasp it. So i tried my best to teach him in the simplest way possible. I kept repeating it to him countless of times until he truly got it. Thankfully he understood a little towards the end. It was all worth it. That's for sure.

I'm thankful for the education i had.
I'm thankful for the knowledge i have today.

It's just one of those things that go unnoticed until something strikes you.

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