Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4th International Hot Air Balloon Festival!

The internet is killing my mood right now. :'( It's beyond slow that blogging & even trying to do assignment is torturous. Plus, i don't have my 'dosage' of distractions to keep me going. 
9gag. FB Chat. Youtube.

Last Friday, Aivee called me up at the last minute and asked if i wanted to go for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I've always heard of it, seen people posting pictures of it but i never had the chance to actually go for it. So instead of regretting it, the both of us headed to Putrajaya after a long day in college. 

The drive there was smooth! I'd like to work in Putrajaya next time please? :D The roads were so empty that i could speed, if i wanted. Heh. 

The only hassle was searching for a parking upon arrival. Since it was free parking, it was packed everywhere! Thank God i managed to squeeze my Kancil in between a truck and another car. #likeaboss 

The sight that greeted us!

Fancy balloons! I LOVEEEE. :)
Our main goal was to watch the hot air balloon show & to play all the games. :) We walked all over the place looking for the games section. Even the maps didn't help us. :(

All the extreme games section.

Our first stop!


I can proudly say that i've been water orbing at least ONCE in my life!

We sat in a ball filled with air, pushed ourselves into the water and tried crawling. We spent more time laughing than doing anything else.It was so hard to navigate around the water! :( The harder we tried, the easier we fell. But i had a good time ;) 

But the sad part was that it started to rain. 

 And then it rained even more! :(

With raincoats Aivee brought.


We didn't get to see any hot air balloons, so this picture with suffice :(
Then met up with some other friends & walked around. Andrian thought it would be nice to take some random shots around Putrajaya so we went along.

Wishing i had a DSLR. 

On the way back to the car, we had a plan. We wanted to go back & talk to a cute vendor we saw earlier. *griinss* But we saw him with a bunch of girls so we just went off. :'(

It was a good day after all. Despite the heavy rain & cancelled show. Now we have no regrets! :)

On the bright side, i brought this cutie home! ♥


p.s. Spongebob the balloon has officially deflated. :'(

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