Wednesday, January 04, 2012

'Roadtrip' around KL ;)

One of the disadvantages of enjoying myself too much is falling sick.

*grumbles* My semester is beginning next week and i'm sitting at home using up boxes of tissues and feeling woozy the entire day. I still have not completed my resume. :)

It's just that i want to sit at home without a care in the world. Sleep in all day long. And gym till i actually feel like i've accomplished something. Well, few more days left to achieve that!

I shall take loads of flu meds and sleep to my hearts content :)

On Monday some of us decided to go for a 'roadtrip'. At least that was our original plan. We started with Dim Sum at PJ in the morning. And..we were absolutely clueless on what to do next. 

So we decided to go to Levian. Even after having Dim Sum for bfast!

Pastries we ordered!
I still can't get over how the guys tricked me. They manage to steal my pastry right under my nose and lie to me about eating it in two bites. It was just lying on En Lin's lap the whole time. =___=" Lovely friends! Hmmphhhh.
with the girls ♥
After that we headed to Pavillion to purchase movie tickets. But as usual, tickets were available but it was right in front. I feel so deprived. I haven't seen any movies in awhile. Planning to catch 23.59. Horror flick. ;)

Next destination in Pavillion, snowflake.

Yummy Dessert. Soya Ice is the best!

After that, Loong wanted to eat Ramen. So.. we went here.

And ate this.

Although things did not go according to plan, i had a good time nonetheless. :)

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