Friday, December 30, 2011

Un-happy Feet!

They said this will kill your feet..

Although.. I don't mind this pair of heels. So pretty!

But i think walking around with flats can also kill you. Especially if you've been out for almost everyday, walking around huge shopping malls (or being dragged along to far away places) or just visiting for Christmas.

My legs were so sore that i crashed after i reached home everyday.

It became so painful that i somehow managed to worsen my cracked heels? It became so bad that it's pretty horrific to look at. No, i'm not going to post a picture of it. It just..makes me feel like a old person. Aching legs, cracked heels, etc.

I wonder what's next! :/

I'm just going to take an effort and use the pumice stone EVERYDAY and some ointments to cure it. Home-made remedies at it's best! Read more here.

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