Monday, January 09, 2012

First day of college down! :)

First day of college is over! :)

It feels like it is still going to take some time before i get truly accustomed to college life once again. I am so thankful that there's no 8am classes this semester! So thankful that i don't have classes right up to 6pm also. Most thankful for the fact that my Fridays are off. I could use those days to catch up on extra homework, interviews and etc.

Reality is sinking it. It's my last semester in college and i still feel like i haven't truly accomplished anything. Well, maybe it's partially due to my dreams of actually pursuing studies overseas. Preferably in the US or UK. Although it's scary to leave my comfort zone, that's one thing i want to do in this lifetime. To actually pursue studies overseas. :) Who knows, i still have my Masters to go.

Some thoughts about my finals semester in college..

I am actually going to miss all my classes, especially Art class. Although it was done a semester ago and i'm still bummed about the fact that he didn't give me an A. :( it's the people that i'm going to miss, the silly antics and the whole college experience.

It's also my last semester to wear anything and everything i want from my wardrobe. Technically, when i begin work i don't have much say on what i can/cannot wear already.

It's an extremely outdated picture. And a blur one. The size has a bit. ;)

And whatever else comes to mind.

On another note, politics is not so messed up after all. 
Read here about Anwar's acquitted charges.

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