Friday, January 13, 2012

New Shanghai. Food again ;)

Another one of our online deals. ;)

It's always taking us forever to redeem our vouchers. We took over a year to redeem this Dim Sum deal. On the bright side, it's always (well most of the times) worth it. Especially because we have such a killer deal.

Plus, i kinda had trouble with my contact lens on that same day. Not only does it hurt, i ended up wearing only one contact lens & rushing home to get my glasses. Le Sigh.

Food always turns everything around. ;)

New Shanghai @ Pavillion KL

Array of Fried Dim Sum. 

One of my favourites.

Salad Shrimp.

Happy girls awaiting their food. :D

Steamed Dim Sums.

The food kept piling up on our table and there was no space!
We had to put everything into once container. Hahaha. Lil' piggies.

The food was good no doubt about that. the 6 of us were so stuffed after that. We had lo mai kai, char siew pau's and even dessert. Lastly, Jasmine tea to wash everything down. :)

We walked around after that, in hopes that the food will digest faster. heh.

I doubt it's just me. But it's so coooooooool! :)

Then it's just pictures after pictures. 

For some reason, we all ended up at Snowflake. Despite the fact that we have a branch right outside our college. I guess the atmosphere was better there ;)

Now it's time for me to work, work and work! Last semester is the time to make the most out of it. :)

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