Saturday, December 03, 2011

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon!

Don't you just love Christmas?

I love the deco's all aroud, the Christmas music being blared through the speakers and the very fact that Christmas is in less than a month. :))

Sunway Pyramid's stage
Kathlyn with her snowman

Jolly ol' Frosty! hee

Trying to pose with a reindeer. He looks bewildered. :O

Even our dinner reminded me of Christmas! Aunty Anne's festive pretzel bag. :)

Besides the fact that Christmas is around the corner, i loved the fact that i scored tickets to watch Aladdin the Musical! Thank youuu Avante ♥ 

I took a break in the midst of studying to enjoy the musical. *Ignoring the fact that i've been taking waaaaaaaaaaaay too many breaks* Heh. It's so distracting and my books aren't interesting enough. Plus, it feel as though nothing is going into my head despite reading it countless of times. 

Woooohooooo :)))

Even before we entered the Amphitheatre, we had a pretty interesting journey there. Upon arriving at the surf beach entrance, we found out that the tram taking us to the Amphitheatre was full  & we had to wait for the next one. I was eye-ing the buggy, hoping that somehow someone would offer to take us on it. 

The next thing i knew, a random police offer called us onboard the buggy. So away we went! It looked like the officer knew where he was driving. Next thing i knew, he was driving in the middle of some place which has construction. And one of the workers began to yell "Stop". I swear, the more the worker yelled, the faster the officer drove. =/ 

You can imagine the thoughts flashing through my mind. I was so afraid that we were going to knock into an oncoming tram or something along those lines. Thankfully, we reached the place safely. God kept us in good yet stubborn hands. Hahaha.

Princess Jasmine's poster!
Genie! The most memorable cast i swear :D
Stage Set-Up. The prison was to the left & the cave was on the right. Couldn't capture all in one go.
Coincidentally or on purpose, SIC-ians were seated to my left and in front of me. Haha. And i'll definitely remember the girls seating behind of me. 

The noiseist girls EVER. They are prolly about 10 or 11? But with super laser mouths. And their screams...gosh. It was entertaining listening to their antics, but it got annoying real fast. Their parents didn't control them either. =___=" That was a slight damper cos we couldn't fully focus on the show at times. 

Happy girls :)
The show was entertaining right from the beginning when Aladdin 'flew' on a harness to the front of the stage. :D It was the same ol' story of Aladdin, minus Abu the monkey and of course, a modern twist to it. 

I thought they were going to sing more Disney songs, but nevertheless they got the crowd captivated. I recognized the dancers from the previous Magical Musicals(read about it here). I remember disliking the dancers the first time round, but this was much better. :)

Princess Jasmine & the Sultan

I find the Sultan super adorable! So round and bubbly!
Fire again!

Genie & Aladdin!

Hip Hop Genie & charming Aladdin.
It was definitely a fun-filled night! Although there were some bland moments, but it was enjoyable indeed! I liked how the Genie infuses "Lah" into his sentences engaging with the crowds, how they brought up Sunway Lagoon in their story, how they got us to sing along to their songs and how handsome Aladdin looked. HEH. 

Snow! :))

Singing "All I Want for Christmas is You"
The ending made everyone feel all happy & Christmasyy! :) It was a perfect night to get away from my books. Plus, i managed to meet some people whom i have not seen in ages! Although i saw the rest from afar, it was good seeing all my ex-colleagues! :) Good night indeed!

The Star's review on the Musical here. :)

Now it's back to reality, two days before i begin my finals. Grrhhhh.


Punk Chopsticks said...

So COOL!!! Ahahahaha I would love to go see it!! (Why do I have to be in stinking kedah?>?? Just kiddin. I love kedah) Loved the way you described your experience!

p/s Aladdin...he's smoking xD

steph said...

I love musicals! Don't you? :D :D :D

Start petitioning for musicals to be held in Kedah. Who knows, it might come true one day :PP

Thank youu! And yes, Aladdin is smoking haaaaaawttt. Heh. I just fell for his charm on stage. :D