Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finals, here i come!

It's finally time to start studying. :/

It's been too long since i've actually sat down & revised. This whole semester was spent slaving away in front of the computer. Pretty sucky i'd say.

I don't even want to think of the fact that we might have to redo an assignment. It's too near to finals to even think of that. When the time calls for it, then i'll worry about it.
Power of wishful thinking.

Christmas Deco in OU.
Retail Therapy on Sunday was what i needed. ;)
And i can't wait for 16th December for my goodies to arrive from Aussie.

It's all gooood. ♥

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Punk Chopsticks said...

Lol I LOVE your wishful thinking. Retail therapy solves most problems, I agree. Too bad it has to cause so many more *sigh* great post!