Saturday, January 08, 2011

Om Nom Nom Nom.

I hate it how i always cannot sleep just before a big trip. I know that i'll have to wake up at about 5am and yet i only manage to fall asleep only at 3am.

Biological clock = messed up big time.

9 of us just went down to Ipoh to eat. :) I love trips like this. But somehow it didn't feel as nice as eating in Malacca. All the nice food habis already. :(

Ate, walked in a random park, ate, walked mostly the whole of Ipoh Parade (conned by the silly Hip Hop Arena. More like Asian Avenue. =____="), ate somemore and left. The rides in between the food stops made me super hungry. Our conversations led to us convulsing in laughter. I needed food after that. :D

I am a proud graduate of LSL school. All hail LSL. *bows*

I didn't take much pictures. Shall wait for the rest to post it up. I still want to watch Paranormal Activity 2. Boo. :(

I have such lovely friends. ;) Time to hit the sack!

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