Friday, January 07, 2011

Another journey

I think 2010 has been pretty good to me. I mean it had it's good & bad. :)

Jan. The year got off to a rocky start. Losing someone close to me again was kinda hard. It's never easy, even when you know it's coming. But we should not be in mourning, we should celebrate the life she had. You know how certain memories can trigger others? This particular one triggers a whole wave of memories.

I still miss you.

Feb. Was filled with plenty of outings.. and farewells. *grumbles* I'll still stick to the fact that Australia has been stealing all of my friends. :( But the good part of them going to Australia is the fact that they will come back more often :D

My first time playing paintball. :) That was fun. We'll go again once everything is much cheaper. :D

First time going for a picnic. We couldn't have chosen a better place, the park opposite amcorp mall. HAHAHA.

mmhmm. Amelia's yummy cupcakes.

March. Found out about LGMH. I still read it till today, hoping that one day i'll have a story worthy of that page. ;)

Did my major speech presentation on how beauty pageants are harmful to little girls. It's wasn't that hard convincing everyone. Especially after showing them the horrific pictures and citing examples from Little Miss Sunhine.

April. World Pillow Fight!

Ipoh 09' peeps. ;) We had a blast!

My very own laptop finally arrived. The only sad part about it was the fact that Dell charged 99 bucks for any sort of colour. :( I really wanted Icy Blue. Fell in love with that colour. Oh well.

Performed Bollywood Dance at SFX. All that booty shaking was a little bit too much for me to handle in such a short time. But we pulled it off! :) I love the results ;)

♥ the outfit.

We pulled it off with God's grace :)

May. ER 2o10. My first time being in Sarawak. :) Went a day late because of my exams SHEEESH. Luckily i had Augustine to accompany me or else it would be my first time taking the plane alone. The experience there was amazing :)

Internship. MYC! :)

This was definately one of those life changing experience. It sure did prepare me for the future in the event industry, IF i decide to pursue that. On top of all that, i found a great bunch of people there. It was a family. ♥ The girls there; Hyma, Elen, Serena and Peggy bonded and i love these girls to bits!

June. Dentyne Confidance. ;) I was pretty excited about this project. Even though i was under magazine, i managed to worm my way through. I even went to Penang for the roadshow. Life was good :D I also appeared in the papers ;)

After one crazy moment in the office, we ended up winning the most creative photo. ;)

July. My first 'step into adulthood'. Due to some lady and her useless coordination, i got into an accident. And she had the nerve to challenge me because i was young and she wanted to put the blame on me. Geez. This is when i truly realise that lady drivers ARE horrible at times. I'm not saying i'm the best but at least i pay attention on the road and i won't make a u-turn when i see another car coming straight at me.

My poor baby hasn't been the same since the accident. Sighs. :(

I also graduated from MYC! & I got my first makeover experience. It was so fun! Then we had our own private photoshoot in the abandoned area.

Thanks Pat! :)

August. Saiyung left us for US. College really isn't the same without you! :(

I also scared myself silly. I was feeling so terrible, sick non-stop and i was super tired. I was really worried, thinking that i was coming down with a terrible disease. :( Thank God the results came out all good.

Merdeka Freeze! One of the few college events i was really happy to attend. Plus, i ended up on Star Online! We all dressed up nicely, i had to rummage my closet for my Cheongsam top. If only i had the body to own a decent Cheongsam. Hahaha.

September. Another one flies off. :( We took the opportunity to stay over the hotel that night. Isabelle! I'm glad you liked the slideshow we did for youuu. And we had fun. Driving around finding Mcds late at night, passing by a street filled with clubs and HOT GUYS i tell you! We ended up eating Maggi in our room. It was fun indeed.

I also turned 19. ;) And we joined the gym. Which was when i started developing AWS. ♥. I miss seeing him around! *heart breaks*

October & November. Saying farewell once again to the kids in my Sunday Class. It's been an amazing year and i am so glad that they turned out to be such wonderful kids. :) I'm gonna miss every single one of them.

RYM Camp was something i definately needed this year. :) It was a very much needed spiritual input session. Father Danny was hilarious but what he said really affected me. Everything was so relaxed yet peaceful. :)

December. Well, i pretty much ended the year with a bang! Haha. It's been an amazing year. Bittersweet in so many ways but i would not have it any other way. Friends may have come and gone but i am stronger. Life goes on.

Cheers to 2011! ;)

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