Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Light in the darkness.

As for me, 5th of May was historical because it was the first time I voted.

Not because of anything else, but it was because I was old enough to decide the future of my country. I could walk into that room, wait patiently as my details were being read out, get indelible (or *cough* delible) ink on my fingers, pick up the ballot papers and cross of my choice of candidates.

For the first time, I was interested.

Instead of shutting myself out from all these mainstream news, I wanted to know more. I checked Twitter, Facebook, TV continuously. I was glued to the screen, so to say.

Till the point it became ugly.





What I couldn't stand was people questioning me about my choice & my family's choice or... lack of choice to vote just because of our job professions. It's just that so shallow. To even categorise us.

You know what I saw on that day? The spirit of unity. Plus, the very fact that the youngsters today are aware and motivated to make a change. We're not so ignorant anymore. And that to me, is pretty incredible.

Don't wait till elections to change. Do it now.

Stop pointing fingers.

And most of all, pray. No matter what our race or religion, the one up there will help us through this.

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