Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home is where the heart is! :D

Since i haven't been updating much, here's a picture of me. HEH.

It's been awhile. But i had to stop gym-ing at Celeb Fitness already. I'm slowly starting to miss that place! Not so much of the annoying trainers (or TRAINER in particular) who has done nothing but harass me. It has reached a point where i can't even step on the treadmills to have a proper run without someone talking to me continuously about things i'm not interested it.

Gotta start motivating myself by finding new ways to run! :) Need teman to run soon!

Aunt sent me a Kate Hill sling bag all the way from Aussie. Much <33

On contrary to what everyone thinks, i have not been rotting at home. In fact, i've been out almost everyday. For the past few days, it's been for work-related stuffs. I just wanna spend time at home doing absolutely nothing. Yes, it might be a crazy thing to ask for but i guess home is where the heart is :)

I can laze around the whole day at home and not feel bored. There's so many things to do at home! Such a relaxing feeling to just sleep in too. I ♥ sleeeeeeep.

For work purposes, i attended KFC's Chillout launch on Tuesday :)

Love the deco!

The candy table! *salivates*

Cupcakes calling out to us!

Photoframes on the tables :)
Time to just rest at home again! :))

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