Friday, April 27, 2012

Lacking the final push!

This study break is meant for me to be stuck at home studying.

But.. i seem to be doing the total opposite. I somehow managed to find time to sleep more, discover Pottermore, watch TV, play Kingdom Hearts. Basically doing everything that is non-exam related. 

Maybe it's because i'm tired. I'm tired of studying. 

I just went in for an interview today. When the boss saw that my starting date was Mid-June/July, she was quite upset. It seems having one month break after i've been studying my whole life is too much to ask for. To be fair, it wasn't my plan to even start working so fast. I just need a  break from everything. 

Yeah, i just want sit at home and rot. I don't wanna spend money going out everyday. I just plan to sit at home and do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. After the measly one week or one month breaks i got for sem breaks, this is the least i deserve. I just want a break. Nuff said. I'm not gonna go lying to my employer's faces. You want the truth, you got it. :)

Anyways, that's all i'm gonna complain about. Today at least. Heh.

Here's a bunch of jumbled up pictures!

Meh Groupmates that i'm gonna miss!

Yeah, an exhausted Stephanie for you to see. 

Fried Chicken from Par Tea Time. :D

With Ms Helen, one of the nicest lecturers in Inti :))

Karaoke session to cure the blues!

Meh. Time to try studying again.

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