Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't rain on my parade

I've been having too many constant late nights that i'm super tired today. Just finished off my presentation slides & i'm too tired to start studying for anything. I need to sleep in. At least once. :)

I also love receiving loyalty cards. Good job marketers! 

Juice Boost's loyalty card. After FINALLEH collecting 10 stamps. :D

Not sure why the picture is blurred. Brother's Chatime card. 

And of course, the every trusty wallet to keep everything in. *points below*

It's kinda frustrating how my wallets wear out so easily. Longest lifespan for most of my wallets is usually about a year. Now my current one is also slowly coming apart. Look at the edges of my wallet. :'( Oh wells, at least it's still usable. Not time to change my wallet yet!

And to keep me awake during all those late nights,
I had this..

Milo Ais!

Red Velvet cupcake my mum's student made. 

Tonight isn't my night to stay up. Time for bed! :)

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