Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth!

I'm having quite a few 'firsts' this year. Or just because it's within the past few weeks. 

First bee sting. 

And now, first wisdom tooth removed. 

I've always known that i'd eventually have to remove my wisdom tooth one day. I just didn't think it would be this soon. I remember the first time the dentist actually told me about the condition of my wisdom tooth about 2 years ago. He said that it was still growing out & it would not affect me, BUT i would have to remove it one day.

It had to be on Tuesday, 10th April 2012. 

Firstly, i slept really late the night before so i woke up feeling so drowsy. I was also behind time because i had to rush & get ready for my career presentation in college. It was all going well until after my presentation. My jaw was hurting for no reason & i could feel as though something was scraping against the inside of my cheek. From there, i kinda knew it was my wisdom tooth. 

I managed to book a last minute dental appointment at 7pm. I was just hoping & praying that it was NOT cos of my wisdom tooth. Let it be something else! Anything but the wisdom tooth. 

Thank God i had one of the nicest dentist around. Which was just opposite my housing area. After poking, prodding and taking snapshots of my mouth, he told me that it was time to remove it. 

The aftermath. It's a little scary how sharp the tooth is. =/
Try to tolerate the disgustingness of the picture. kthx.

The whole process was quite amusing. My dentist was super nice, to the point where he kept talking even when he was the process of extracting my tooth! The most painful part was the injection of the anesthetics. Goshh, that hurt so badly! But it was smooth sailing after that.

Then after some advice and prescriptions, i was good to go. Except that i couldn't eat nor move my mouth much for the next few hours.

The most annoying part about the whole ordeal. I had to keep changing the gauze every 30 mins.
It was so uncomfortable that i felt like puking many many times. 
Pills that had to come along with it. 

Now, i'm still sort of surviving the whole ordeal. I'm mastering the art of munching and swallowing only using one side of my mouth. I have to ensure that no food bits gets stuck at the gaping hole where my wisdom tooth used to be.

I'll be able to survive the next week's one. I will! :D

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