Friday, April 06, 2012

Bee-ful day.

Cuteness can be deceiving. And yes, i do mean the bee.

Everyone knows that bees won't harm you if you don't disturb them. That's also why no one disturbs the bee hives. NO ONE. 

Unfortunately, i'm one of the few 'special' ones. 

I was sitting in my living room rushing to finish up an assignment due the next day. I was only halfway through, trying to rush and finish everything up before it was too late. For the first time this semester, i was behind in my individual assignment. I guess the rush from trying to finish everything else caused me to forget & delay the current one. =/

I turned to the left to look at my textbook, trying read and understand the points. Next thing i knew, there was a sharp stinging pain on my right hand. The pain was unbearable! I lifted my hand up to see what was wrong & i saw a tiny bee. 

I did the only thing i knew best. I screamed, jumped up from the chair & flicked the bee off my palm. From there i continued screaming until my mum came to remove the stingers from my hand. :'(


I sat there sobbing while trying to nurse my hand. The pain was excruciating. I was sobbing even while everything seems to be happening in a blur around me (drinking panadol, washing the wound, baking soda being poured over). Plus, it felt like my whole arm was going to swell up then and there.

I was just praying for the pain to END. 

Thankfully the swelling has already gone down today. It still stings from time to time, especially if i put too much pressure on it. Such a bad experience. :(

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Mandy said...

*salute* now you can say that you've survived a bee-sting!