Saturday, March 31, 2012

Exaggerated illusions.

*This is just a jumbled up post. In no particular order*

Us girls finally redeemed our Groupon Mani/Pedi voucher. We bought it early last year & we only managed to book our appointment in May 2012. So much for efficiency? 

But the bright side is that we got to slightly pamper ourselves in the midst of our hectic schedules!

The purple looked nicer in the tester. =/ And a simple flowery nail art. 
This is what i call proper nail art! Joan got a decent one instead. 

After pampering ourselves, we went to BBQ Plaza for lunch.

I was never really a big fan of BBQ Plaza. I'd usually walk past the restaurant, not even considering going in.
It just didn't appeal to me that much i guess?

But now it's starting to grow on me. I'm truly addicted to the sauce and the fish noodle thingy. I mean, everything else is nice but the sauce makes it 10 times better. Now i'm craving for it again! (:

Then, the house opposite of mine was infested with bees a week back? Quite a big hoo-ha in our neighborhood. The Bomba came, everyone had to evacuate the house. I was watching from the comfort of my own house but it was quite amusing to see how kepoh everyone was. ;P

There was this uncle going for a night job. He jogged past the house and not less than a minute he came back & stopped in front of the house. Then talked to everyone to get the scoop. Heh.

Bomba thought he was smart by using a ladder on the roof. =_="

Now i'm stuck at home with a terrible backache. :'( Time to just rot in front of the lappie till i'm done with all ze assignments!

p.s. If anyone knows where i can find the nail polish colour (points below) please let me know?? :D

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