Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A good start to Lent.

It's that time again, 

where i'm too busy to even spend some time to blog about what's happening around me. 

Today, we had to give a two minutes speech on our career aspiration. I spent countless nights trying to figure out what my ultimate one would be. In the end, i settled for being a CEO of my very own hotel one day. ;) I managed to talk my way through. All 1 minute and 57 seconds of it!

My classmate spoke about how she wanted to open her own business, especially in terms of making her very own handicrafts. She brought a few to class as a samples. 

Soaps, Key holders and pouches.

Being the nosy classmates, a few of us asked to see it. She ended up giving it to all of us for free!
We felt super guilty, knowing that she made this. Purely out of hardwork. 

But she was super nice! She insisted that we kept it. What a start to my day! ♥

Both of them (twins), have blog shops. Here & here.

On another note, Lent is already here. 

It's time for sacrificing, giving and loving. Remembering the whole reading we're doing this. 

Therefore, i'm giving up on all drinks (only allowing myself to drink water), totally avoiding Twitter at all cost, cutting down on time spent on the computer (unless it's college related) and ultimately praying all the time.

I also want to appreciate all the things in my life, taking time to thank the Lord for it along the way. And.. i want to do something nice for someone at least a few times a week. Everything ranging from a smile to helping out. 

Blessed Lent to all! ♥

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