Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be ignorant. Or vigilant. Your pick.

Sometimes with all the news that is going on, it's definitely easier to just take a step back and become selective to the information around you. It's way easier trying to block everything out. Media has been indirectly/directly manipulating us in the wrong ways for a long time. And it's hard to find out the truth anymore. It's ALSO just as hard to avoid reading more about it.

The more i read, the more frustrated i get.

1) Erykah Badu's concert cancelled over an Arabic tattoo

Source: Here & i'm sure you can get plenty of other information googling it.

Just a day before the concert & RAIS decided to cancel her concert here, claiming that her Arabic tattoo of the word Allah was disrespectful. After all these years, haven't we learnt to respect people? Learn to respect culture?

I have my own views, but at least i know to draw the line when it comes to respecting others. No matter how difference.

2) Bumiputra rights for Thai's

Source: The Star

It's amusing how they reward rights to others. Where is the guidelines for 'How to reward bumiputra rights?' I think everyone needs to have a look at it. We need proper validation.

What happened to all the other races? 1Malaysia concept i see.

And then there's Lynas. And a ton of other news.

Just google, check the Star. Read up on all the newspapers around  & you'll get more than enough of information. Too much till it's overloading.

Be ignorant, or pay attention. The choice is yours.

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