Thursday, December 22, 2011

food, food & more food!

My holidays have been going by way too fast!

I've been to Malacca.
Pictures taken by Tracy

SLUUURRRPPPS. i wants nows. 


Egg Ice Cream ;)

<3 my college mates!

thousand layer cake @ nadeja cafe. A MUST HAVE! ♥


And then it was dinner at Wong Poh. With my favourite bunch of people.
Pictures by Jo-Ann

Yummy Butter Crabs!

:D :D :D

Then there has been dinners, movies, CS sessions and christmas shopping with the girls!

I'm quite bummed about the fact that i still cannot find the perfect wallet and sling bag. :/ It's like the more i search for it, the more it tries to run away from me. Shoes are also a major problem.

I think i'm  finally giving up on finding all these items. I'll find the perfect ones. One fine day.. D:

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