Monday, December 19, 2011

Technology? PFFFT.

I guess these days, the phone matters more than anything else.

Has the value of conversations decreased so much that people rather spend them scrolling through meaningless websites while having dinner? Or is that how the world acts now?

"Why are you getting so anti-social? Eat also wanna use the phone."

So? I got nothing to talk what. 
Reality bites eh. It's not that there's nothing to talk about, it's more of i-rather-spend-my-time-with-my-phone. Or maybe i'm just feeling a lil left out. I don't like silence. At all. 

Iphones. Pfftttt.
But then again, it still boils down to the fact that it's so hard to have normal dinners these days. And you wonder why you even bothered trying in the first place.

During a dinner on Saturday, i met up with some relatives i haven't seen in ages. And some that i've never seen in my life. To no surprise, every single kid there had an Ipad. The youngest one was 3, and she already had her own. All the kids in the 'children's' room had an Ipad each too, playing it the whole time.

A little spoiled don't you think? And you wonder why everyone turns out to be such brats. Haha. But who am i to judge?

The world is getting more dependent on technology, and every is virtual now.
Thank God for the friends who made everything much more better. ♥


Mandy said...

i agree completely with your stance on this. it is so sad to see how conversations and meetups have been reduced to nothingness. The person who retorted that way should really wake up and have a reality check. i guess, the best we can do is hope we or our children dont fall into the same trap in the future.

steph said...

Yeah :( And it's even more heartbreaking to see how it affects the younger generation.

Yeah. It's up to us. :) I guess it's how we bring them u[. First phone- nokia 3310! yang tahan lasak! heh.:P