Saturday, October 01, 2011

Faith & Hope.

:') Don't you just love it when simple things like this make your day?

I'll have to say that today was probably one of the worst days i had in awhile. I guess all the other crappy days just led to this huh? And the ones you expect to stay and lend a shoulder to cry on are the ones who bail at the sight of trouble. 

I guess we're all in need of some intervention. To stop all these negative energy before it gets worst. Right now, i have too much on my plate to handle. But i am trying to hold everything. Not just for myself, but for the benefit of everyone else. 

All we need is time, patience and a whole load of prayers. 

To my friend across the sea, thank you. Ilysm. :) Seriously, all you had to do was to listen. I never asked for solutions. Nor have i asked for you to tell me the right thing to do. I rather talk to you than anyone else. Just for now. If things really go haywire, i'll take your advice. :)

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