Thursday, August 11, 2011

Change is constant.

I got bored of my blog once again, which explains the new layout. After a whole load of thinking and annoyance(more on myself), i think i would like to change everything. Making me feel like it's some fresh start. Strange but reassuring in some ways :)

I realize i've been snapping a lot of food pictures using my phone. And i don't want to bombard the world with pictures of delicious looking food before it was consumed.
Well, it looks good to me because i knew what it tasted like. :)

I like how we all were colour coordinated. We even ordered the same food.
Boys got milo, girls got teh o' ais limau. ;)

Coordination ;)

First pair. Our yellow really looks similar eh?

Real men wear pink ;)

Someone wasn't able to view the pictures i've sent. So here it goes, for you!
Much love from Msia. ;)

Fried laksa.


Now after staring at the pictures, i'm feeling hungry. Exactly at 2.49am.
Time to head to bed and dream about it instead.

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