Monday, April 04, 2011

Can't wrap my mind around it.

Being stuck at home, feeling 'intoxicated' with all the meds taken (not literally) with bad bad cramps is an absolute downside of being a girl. *grumbles*

I would usually make myself a hot steaming cup of Milo to make myself feel better. But since it's Lent, i'll have to refrain from that. All i can do is take Panadol and try to sleep.

My FAV tom yam goong from Pad Thai.

Mushroom & fish. :D:D:D

The yummy food had nothing to do with how crappy i'm feeling now, but since i found the pictures in my camera i've decided to upload em.

Now i'm gonna head back to burying my head in my American Enterprise textbook. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the content of the book. What i have learnt in the earlier half of the semester and received pretty awesome results for the Mid-Term is totally against this book. Plus, watching Michael Moore's documentary insisted that most of the things learnt in the first half was wrong. =/

Okay. I'll just push aside my views, start reading with a fresh perspective. Then maybe i'll feel better about taking this subject.

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