Thursday, January 27, 2011

All we need.

This is something i want to look back on years from now and say "I did something beyond my comfort zone."

Sure, i've seen people in trouble many times. But i have never actually taken the initiative to help them. The world has twisted our views on everything. I'll be afraid to help someone merely because they might have other intentions in mind. You've heard stories, so have i.

Watching him walking with crutches was painful enough, watching him walk in the rain was truly heartbreaking. :( I believe that they should be well taken care off and not walking alone.

I turned around, stopped next to him and asked him if he needed a lift home. Thank God, he knew how to speak a slight bit of English. I was so afraid he'll start uttering words unfamiliar to me and i'll be lost. All i wanted to do was to help him.

Luckily he agreed because rain was pouring like mad. I ran out of the car, got him in and drove him to his place which was just a few rows away. He was so thankful.

I'm glad i helped him. It's not everything you go out of your way to help someone in need. I just wish people, especially me would do it more often. Next time, i hope that it's actually people in NEED, and not someone who's taking advantage.

The world needs more love.

Peace :)

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