Monday, January 31, 2011

Run the town.

I'm so hooked on TV shows right now. Oh. And currently playing Cooking Mama on Facebook. I'm really taking advantage of the holidays. Don't worry, i'm reading up for my assignment too. Oh, the joy.

Of reading up tons of articles on Malaysian Education. *cringes*

I've yet to update about the new Hangout spot in SS15...


I've heard about it. My brother keeps raving about it and making me feel like an idiot for not going there. Why? Because i study like a stone's walk away from it. Since Tuan Tynn also caught the 'Meeples' fever, it was finally time to head there. Plus, our dear lecturer decided that he was
going to give us time to do our OWN work. So, we had nothing to lose.

In case you didn't know, Meeples is where you can play European Boardgames. The place is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of boardgames ranging from silly games similar to 'Old Maid' and some big time strategy game. The guys working there were really helpful. They knew their stuffs and sat patiently with us explaining the games.

First off, some cowboy game. Ooh, GOLD! :D

I found this little sign on the board really cute. :D

Super cute!

So sue me. I'm finding everything cute. Including the hamburger buzzer at the bottom. We found the previous bell painful to hit. So they dug around the other games and gave us this instead. Once again, i'm slow at all these reflexes games. :(

Cash and Guns. GAH. I hate this game. We're supposed to be in a gang of Mafia, all fighting for their share in the stolen money. All we had to do was.. pick someone to aim our gun and after counting down, aim the gun at them. For some SILLY reason, i was the only one who had all 3 guns pointed to me at the same time.

Mati aku lah. Face problem. =_____="

Igor the unlucky.

Say Anything. More like, guessing what's on your friends mind. :D

It was fun indeed! :D I'm heading there next time. :)

Oh. And i couldn't resist taking a picture of this. The dog kept sticking his head out of the car!

I want a puppy :D :D :D

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