Sunday, September 26, 2010

massive whirlwind.

It's been hectic.

I've been trying to squeeze in studying every bit of free time i have. But it has been impossible. I'm starting to feel the strain of having 5 subjects.

Now, i am literally wasting my time writing a report on my trip to Royal Selangor Pewter factory. 2 freaking pages for 2.5%. Sighs. I still find it a waste of time.

After all the practices we had, we finally performed Shackles at Kiwanis. Unfortunately, i passed the camera to Uncle Richard Heng to record our perfomance. He managed to switch it to Video mode. But he didn't click to start recording. Well, stuffs like these happens all the time!

We danced and tied our hair like silly girls.


Praise the Lord for another performance well done!

Now, i need some help to get through this week filled with assignments and two major exams. Do help me!

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