Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day dedication ;P

It's funny how someone can always be there right before your eyes and you will never take notice of them, until you connect, heart-to-heart, beyond just superficial conversations or car rides home.

In the midst of all the confused feelings and frustration, you find something worth fighting for. And you're willing to keep fighting for it because you believe in it, you are strengthened by it and you know that when everything else fade, someone is there for you.

Yes, no doubts there's arguments. No doubts there's days when you feel your absolute lowest, trying to cling on to whatever is in front of you. Some days jealousy will bare it's fangs, seeping poison into the heart. Some days you just feel absolutely clingy, wishing that you could spend every waking moment with the other person (I admit, i still feel that way from time to time).

You feel an array of emotions. And that's okay. The process of falling in love isn't supposed to be a path filled with green lights. It's going to be bumpy and it's going to be rough. But at the end of the day, it's all worthwhile.

You find that one person who understands you. You find that it doesn't matter what you wear, how you look or how you hate wearing glasses. You find that it's okay to just head out in shorts & a simple tee (although at times, we ought to look better). You find that despite all the arguments all day, a simple hug cures everything. You find that a lot of things remind you of the other person, even if it's songs or random things you find online. You find yourself happy spending time together, even if it means doing absolutely nothing. You find that conversations become more meaningful as it's becoming an 'adventure' to learn more about each other on a daily basis. You find the simplest things.

So..this is for you - Happy Valentines Day!

p.s. I've done the cheesy bits through messages & the homemade card. ;P

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