Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Let's all be vulnerable

Have we all grown accustomed to living in a world where we're so afraid to express our emotions?

We cling on to insecurities, doubts and 'what if's'. These things become our comfort blanket. We rather stay huddled under the covers instead of choosing to face the sunny outdoors.

It's easier to take the easy way out. To just be complacent.

At times i wonder, why do people make it so difficult for us girls to express our emotions? A little too much and we're this emotionally unstable wreck, too little and we're heartless. It's never going to be enough.

It's time to just let go of that and be vulnerable. I guess that's what we need to be.

To end my rant, here's a pretty thought provoking article. Thought Catalog FTW.

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