Monday, July 23, 2012

Still searching?

It's already 3 weeks into work & i feel like i've been at this for the longest time!

Not to say i've turned into a professional overnight, but i've sort of settled into the job. I'm still learning the ropes of course, struggling to find my way at times but despite the frustration, i'm still enjoying this. 

Sure, i miss having more free time. I don't miss studying in college, i just miss the lifestyle i used to have. Back when i could complain about a gazillion incomplete assignments but still find the time to sleep, go out & watch tons of TV. 

I also realise that i have tons of things to brush up on. One being my writing skill. I use to be able to write in a slightly creative way. I have all the stories in my head & i managed to pen them down last time. Now, everything i write seems so bland. I need my muse. I need an inspiration. 

Something? Someone? 

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