Friday, June 15, 2012

Girl's best friend.

Not too long more before this freedom of mine ends. 

Not really looking forward to it. =/

I've been out and about. Spending quality time with people :) It's not just about the calls, whatsapp and social networks. Nothing beats face-to-face interactions.

Camwhoring & dinner at Kenny Rogers with Evie. We get easily distracted by everything!


Banana muffin! :)

Nom noms!

Then, since it's been awhile since my family had dinner in a nice restaurant, we decided to go to Cafe Barbera for dinner. Buy one, FREE one on all beverages, pasta's, soups and pizzas. Well worth it. We got the waiter to recommend the best choices to us and it was worth ever penny spent!

Ice Peach Tea!

Deco :)

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Smoked Duck Pizza. Brother stole a slice before i could take a picture!

Salmon Aglio Olio

Stir Fried Beef! THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST DISH. hands down!

Not only that, before having dinner in Pyramid....i found the skirt i've been looking for! ♥ As we passed by MNG, we noticed a lot of people scrambling around and pulling things from the shelves. I thought since we were already here, no harm in checking the sale out. I didn't find anything that suited my taste at first. I went to the skirts section but nothing caught my eye. Until i saw a lady carrying the asymmetrical skirt in black! I told my mum and i went looking around the whole store with no avail. 

Until my mum went back to the skirts section. After looking carefully, she pulled out the skirt from the end of the pile. I was jumping up and down in joy! Teehee. I was just hoping that it would be in my size. After trying several on, i found the right one ;)


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