Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zombified student!

It's one of those weeks where i'm supposed to rot slowly in front of my computer. And i am. I have the time to complete everything else but the task at hand. Then i'll end up sleeping around 4am.

It's been two days and i already feel like a zombified student. Today was one of the rare days where i actually fell asleep in class. FELL ASLEEP. I admit, i've dozed off plenty of times during boring subjects. Especially when there's 8am classes.

But this has to be one of those rare moments. Heh. The best part was that the whole class was sleeping at the same time. While my lecturer was going on & on & on & on... And then it rained. Even better reason to just lie on the table and sleep. I felt so bad for my lecturer but none of us could stay awake any longer. Even after reaching home i crashed.

Life is good. I'm gonna enjoy every bit of this before i start working. :)

Now i just need this place to sleep in ;)

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