Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Groupon fanatics.

Today, i salute those who can withstand the pain of facials.

Being a girl...definitely has it's down moments. The price you'd pay for beauty, or even just to maintain healthy skin. I'm not talking monetary terms, i'm talking in terms of physical and mental torture we put ourselves through.

Another Groupon deal to 'pamper' oneself.

Several pictures taken from the Groupon website. 

The best part is that i didn't even know of it's existence, two doors away from KFC in Taipan. The moment i stopped outside of it, i knew that it was a deal well worth it because it looked so posh! :)

I didn't have to wait long until it was my turn to get my facial & massage.
No pictures cos i had to keep everything into a locker. 

Started off with consultation. The beautician was helping me to figure out what was wrong with my skin (internal/external). Then a nice relaxing shoulder massage before the serious stuffs began.

Everything went well until the extraction part. I can't begin to describe the pain. Although i've gone though it several times, it's never easier the next time round. At moments, i just wanted her to stop completely. Or wish that they would provide anesthetics. Or anything to lighten up the mood.

But all in all, i felt much better after the whole process (esp after the cooling mask). My skin feels much better, finally able to breathe better this time round. And not only that, i managed to get freebies!

The pouch with my name on it. :)

Dragon Fruit lipgoss!

On another note, my family loves purchasing Groupon deals! Especially since if it's around Subang Jaya.

We bought Gelatto this time round. ;)

After class, we rounded the whole of SS15 trying to find the shop. The crappy part about SS15 is the fact that all the signboards are either torn down or plastered with advertisements. Eventhough we had the address, we could not find the place. We rounded the whole SS15, keeping our eyes peeled for the Lezzato sign. It had to be there, somewhere at least.

After opting for GPS & calling the place, we found it.

HERE. The entrance is to the left =___="

It was such a sleezy & dodgy shop. There was no one there, NUMBER ONE. It didn't even look like a shop that served gelato, it was filled with boxes and large coolers, NUMBER TWO.

I guess that's why the deal was on Groupons. =____="

White chocolate chip & mango flavour.

Additional vouchers for the next time.

Doubt we'd we going back there much. But at least they are kind enough to give us more vouchers! Heh.

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