Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good days :)

Another day well spent ;)

Met Hyma after what seems like forever! How i love my fellow ex-colleague! ♥ 

Our original plans was to head to the park opposite Amporp Mall; snap some shots, walk around, eat & catch up. But due to the rain, we headed to Oneu instead. We were supposed to walk to the park next to it, but rain came in the way again. 

Rain seems to have the uncanny ability to ruin plans. 

Lunch :)

Happy girls. :)

Hyma's order. I lupa nama :P

Thai green curry laksa. ;)

This was how my order arrived. I mean, i saw the picture in the menu & i asked the waitress about it. I really    thought it was going to be a huge bowl of green curry with chicken, so i can just dump the noodles in.

Even the waiter saw my confused face & came to my aid. Thank God. He told me to mix the noodles & pour the green curry over it. *shy*

I need to learn proper etiquette in restaurants. ;)

Just Thai's slogan. 

Then it was picture taking time. :D

lil fishies in the pond outside. :D
There was an anime convention going on inside. Animax carnival if i'm right. I was soooooo tempted to take pictures with some of the cosplay characters. Some i recognized, the rest were all just blur to me. But i still admire their effort and dedication to looking exactly like their favourite anime characters. I even liked the those with coloured contact lenses! But at the end of the day, i was too shy to ask them for a picture. Hahaha! 

Obligatory bathroom shot.

Obligatory duck faces ;) BANG!
Since there was nothing left we do, we went to satisfy our cravings for Ikea Meatballs. *om nom nom noms*


It was as though people were coming to Ikea just for meatballs at that hour. But, it was worth the wait.
The picture looks so good. Meatbaaaaaallls!

We definitely need more girl outings like this. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Hyma said...

meatball cravings satisfied!! arrrrr=D